Pre-sale now live, Jun 2024, book a meeting today!
Pre-sale now live, Jun 2024, book a meeting today!
Pre-sale now live, Jun 2024, book a meeting today!


Community Foundation
Cliff: 6 Months
Vesting: 2% pcm

The Community Foundation stands as the cornerstone of our token ecosystem, representing a substantial 30% of all tokens. Its core purpose resonates deeply with our commitment to community-centric growth and the principle of decentralised governance.

Beyond mere token allocation, the Community Foundation embodies our ethos of a truly decentralised and democratic approach to growth. The real yield generated from this foundation won't vanish into corporate coffers or be subject to centralised decision-making. Instead, it will be channeled directly back into the ecosystem. Every token holder, regardless of the size of their holdings, has a voice in determining how these yields are utilised. This could be in the form of development projects, community outreach programs, infrastructure upgrades, or any initiative deemed valuable by the community.

By empowering token holders with genuine governance capabilities, we're not just distributing tokens; we're decentralising power. We believe that the combined wisdom of our community, each member having a tangible stake in our shared future, will drive more innovative and sustainable growth than any centralised decision-making process could achieve.

In essence, the Community Foundation is more than just a token allocation. It's a testament to our unwavering belief in collective intelligence, our commitment to transparentcy and our vision for a future where every token holder is not just an investor, but a vital participant in shaping the ecosystem's destiny.

Cliff: 12 Months
Vesting: 3% pcm

Our Team allocation is a reflection of the collective spirit, dedication, and expertise of the trailblazers behind this project. Every token in this segment stands as a testament to the hours of hard work, the challenges overcome, and the milestones achieved.

Our founders have been the guiding light of this endeavour. With their hands firmly on the wheel, they have navigated the often-tumultuous seas of the cryptocurrency world. Their vision, tenacity, and unyielding dedication have been instrumental in setting our course and realising the dream of a platform that stands out in its offerings and ethos.

Backing them up and enhancing our strategy are our advisors. Their profound insights, extensive experience, and sage counsel have ensured that our path, while ambitious, remains grounded in realism and foresight. They’ve brought invaluable perspectives that have helped refine our goals, ensuring that every step taken aligns with our overarching vision.

Complementing this drive are our partners – essential collaborators who have amplified our capabilities and extended our reach. Their expertise and support have been crucial, fortifying our platform with a broader range of skills, tools, and resources.

The 12-month cliff period isn’t just a mechanism; it’s a statement of commitment. It reinforces the long-term vision shared by our founders, advisors, and partners, underlining their belief in the project and their determination to see it flourish.

In essence, this Team allocation isn’t just a portion of tokens; it’s a tribute to the relentless efforts, unified vision, and collaborative spirit of the founders, advisors, and partners who are the beating heart of our endeavour.

Cliff: 6 Months
Vesting: 2% pcm

The Marketing allocation, representing 18% of our total tokens, is a strategic reservoir dedicated not just to brand building but to fostering a robust ecosystem around our platform. In the rapidly evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, where attention spans are fleeting, and competition is fierce, a targeted approach to marketing is not just beneficial – it's essential.

In recognising the reach of influence and reach of social media personalities and influencers in today's digital age, a portion of this allocation is set aside to collaborate with them. These influencers, with their vast audiences, play a pivotal role in amplifying our message, driving platform adoption, and bringing a fresh influx of users into our ecosystem.

Furthermore, by incentivising social traders, we aim to tap into the expertise and following of these trading maestros. Their insights, analyses, and trades, when shared on our platform, can foster a rich trading environment, nurture novice traders, and stimulate active trading, driving both platform engagement and liquidity.

But our vision for the Marketing allocation extends beyond partnerships and influencer engagements. It's about overall platform growth. This includes community building, educational initiatives, outreach programs, and user engagement campaigns that not only expand our user base but also strengthen the bond between existing community members and our platform.

In summary, our Marketing token allocation isn't just about visibility; it's about community growth, knowledge sharing, and establishing our platform as a hub for crypto enthusiasts, traders, and learners alike. Through strategic collaborations and community-focused initiatives, we are dedicated to making our platform a beacon in the cryptocurrency landscape.

Cliff: 0
Vesting: 0

Ensuring ample liquidity is pivotal for the efficient functioning and growth of any cryptocurrency exchange. Our Liquidity allocation, with a straightforward 150 million tokens set aside, emphasises our commitment to this vital aspect.

Liquidity is the lifeblood of an exchange. It determines the ease with which assets can be bought or sold without causing significant price fluctuations. A robust liquidity reserve not only enhances the trading experience for users by providing swift trade executions and minimal slippage but also bolsters the platform's resilience against market volatility.

With a considerable 15% of the total tokens dedicated to liquidity, we aim to instil confidence in our traders, assuring them of seamless trade execution and stability, even during peak trading times or market upheavals. This allocation also underscores our proactive approach to anticipating and addressing the needs of our growing user base.

In summary, our Liquidity allocation is a clear reflection of our dedication to maintaining a stable, efficient, and user-friendly trading environment. It stands as a commitment to our users, always promising them a reliable and fluid trading experience.

Cliff: 3 Months
Vesting: 11.1% pcm

The Pre-Sale phase is integral to our token distribution strategy, accounting for 7% or 70 million tokens. This crucial phase symbolises the budding trust and collaboration between our platform and its earliest advocates.

Pre-Sale events are pivotal moments in the lifecycle of any new token or project. They serve to measure market enthusiasm and secure the essential capital that catalyses further growth and evolution. With our Pre-Sale structured around a 3-month cliff, we underscore our dedication to prolonged growth and project stability. It's a gesture that emphasises our desire for supporters who resonate with our long-term vision, standing by us beyond the immediacy of initial token acquisition.

The vesting rate at 11.1% per calendar month further emphasises this commitment. Such a rate ensures a balanced and sustained release of tokens into the ecosystem. This design is purposed to continually reward our early backers, allowing them to witness and be a part of the platform's milestones and successes over time.

In essence, our Pre-Sale isn’t just a token allocation phase; it’s a foundational step in building a community of early believers and visionaries. It solidifies our pledge to these pioneers, ensuring they recognise the depth of our appreciation for their trust, their support, and their role in shaping our platform's future.

Cliff: 0
Vesting: 0

The Whitelist allocation, encompassing 5% or 50 million tokens, is meticulously designed to power our platform's organic growth and augment brand awareness. It's more than a simple token allocation; it's our strategy to foster a loyal and engaged community right from the outset.

Whitelisting typically acts as a gateway for early adopters, offering them exclusive perks. In our case, these tokens serve as sign-up bonuses, not only serving as a 'thank you' gesture for joining our ecosystem but also as a magnet to attract potential users. By rewarding early adopters, we're not just expanding our user base; we're building a community of enthusiasts who can become brand ambassadors in their own right.

Moreover, the tasks associated with these incentives are crafted to exponentially enhance our reach and presence. Whether it is social media shares, referral programs, content creation, or other engagement activities, each task is a ripple in the digital pond, spreading the word about our platform. These actions serve dual purposes: they amplify our brand awareness and also ensure that our community members are actively involved in our growth journey.

In essence, the Whitelist allocation is our tactical approach to achieving a multiplier effect in platform adoption. It's not just about expanding numbers but doing so with engaged, active, and loyal users who, in turn, help in propelling our platform to greater heights. It's about creating a snowball effect, where early adopters contribute significantly to the platform's momentum, ensuring its sustained growth and prominence.

Cliff: 6 Months
Vesting: 8.3% pcm

The Seed Round, colloquially termed as the "30-Club," is not just an allocation of tokens, but a selective assembly of 30 industry maestros. Accounting for 3% or 30 million tokens, this segment of our distribution strategy signifies the confluence of expertise, vision, and commitment to ensuring our platform's unparalleled success.

Unlike traditional seed rounds, our 30-Club isn’t merely about securing early-stage capital. It's about forging alliances with luminaries across diverse fields—be it cryptocurrency, marketing, development, or other spheres. Each member of this elite group brings to the table not just financial support but also invaluable insights, strategic guidance, and vast networks. Their collective wisdom and connections function as the bedrock upon which our platform's future successes will be built.

By inducting experts from various sectors, we aim to tap into a wide array of proficiencies. Each individual’s expertise acts as a cog in the vast machinery of our platform, ensuring holistic growth and robust strategies. Their roles go beyond passive investment; they act as mentors, collaborators, and door-openers to opportunities otherwise out of reach.

The 6-month cliff and 8.3% per month vesting structure reiterate the long-term vision shared by these industry stalwarts. It accentuates their belief in the platform's potential and their commitment to its long-term success.

In essence, the Seed Round or "30-Club" is more than a capital infusion phase; it's the congregation of industry pioneers committed to steering our platform towards uncharted territories of success. It embodies the union of strategy, expertise, and passion, cementing the foundation for a promising and illustrious future.

Cliff: 0
Vesting: 0

The Public Round, earmarked with 2% or 20 million tokens, marks a significant and exciting phase in our token distribution. Hosted on the Echo platform, this round is a testament to our belief in broadening participation and creating opportunities for all.

Recognising the enthusiasm and vigour of the general public, this phase is designed for the vast community of crypto enthusiasts, investors, and believers worldwide. The sale provides everyone an equal chance to acquire our tokens and be part of our progressive journey. It serves as a precursor to the momentum we anticipate building up to our Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), where our token will be ushered into the open market, fostering broader adoption and engagement.

The Public Round is more than just an allocation; it's a celebration of our diverse and expansive community. It's a nod to the collective strength and potential of individual participants coming together to champion our vision. This IEO, is an avenue for participants to be among the first to engage with our token ecosystem, symbolising our commitment to a transparent and vibrant future.

In a nutshell, the Public Round is our way of saying, "Let's grow together." It's an embodiment of unity, exclusivity, and shared aspirations, welcoming all to be part of our ambitious roadmap.

* Cliff - Holding period prior to token release starting.

* Vesting - Percentage of tokens released per calendar month (pcm) after cliff.

* Total Supply - 1B total supply, 70m initial supply.