Pre-sale now live, Jun 2024, book a meeting today!
Pre-sale now live, Jun 2024, book a meeting today!
Pre-sale now live, Jun 2024, book a meeting today!

Yield Calculator

ECHO Token Owned
Min: 0, Max: 850,000,000
0% 100%
The value of ECHO when you purchase
0.01 0.3
Comparison Exchange
Updated: 14th Mar
Daily trading volume to compare with
Daily Trading Volume:409,909,733
Expected Token Yield
Token Yield you believe the community will expect in order to buy/hold ECHO
Yearly Yield
(100 / (TokensOwned * BuyinPrice)) * YearlyReturnUsd

Estimated Token Price

Considering the selected Exchange Volume, this is the Estimated ECHO token price that aligns with your expected Token Yield

Daily Return USD

DailyFees * (PercentOfStakedOwned / 100)

Yearly Return USD

DailyReturnUsd * 365

Step 1: Supply

Begin by entering the quantity of ECHO Tokens in your possession and the purchase price. Also, specify the proportion of the total token supply is staked (or that you estimate to be staked). Keep in mind that the total supply will gradually increase, up to a maximum of 850 million (1 billion minus 150 million in liquidity) over time as more tokens are released. The staked amount is pivotal, as it determines how the ECHO Token yield is divided.

Step 2: Compare

Next, select a comparison exchange to gain insights into how the Echo CEX’s trading volume impacts the ECHO Token yield. To maintain its launch price, Echo typically requires a daily trading volume of approximately $2 million. Eighteen exchanges meet this requirement daily, 67 weekly, and 117 monthly. Experiment with these comparisons to gauge where Echo might find its footing.

Step 3: Predict

Now, choose the anticipated ECHO Token yield. This step poses a challenge as it necessitates estimating the annual rate of return deemed acceptable by the market. A lower expected yield tends to drive up the price of the ECHO Token.

Step 4: Analyse

On the right, you’ll find a range of figures. The prominent figure, the yearly yield, represents your annual yield based on your ECHO Token purchase price, the quantity of staked ECHO Tokens, and the Echo CEX trading volume. The estimated token price ignores your purchase price and computes the potential ECHO Token price based on the Echo CEX volume and the selected expected yield. Daily and yearly returns also focus on the token’s yield at the estimated token price, not your purchase point.

Earn with ECHO

Daily Payments

Daily yield payments offer investors a unique financial advantage, providing a steady stream of income on a daily basis. Unlike traditional quarterly or monthly payouts, this approach allows investors to access their earnings more frequently, enhancing liquidity and financial flexibility.

Daily yields are especially appealing for those seeking to cover daily expenses, reinvest quickly, or capitalise on market opportunities promptly.

Automatic Earnings

The ability to automatically reinvest yields is a powerful tool for investors. It allows them to harness the power of compounding effortlessly.

When dividends are automatically reinvested, they are used to purchase additional assets, which can generate even more gains in the future. This compounding effect can significantly accelerate wealth accumulation over time. Moreover, it eliminates the need for investors to make manual investment decisions, ensuring that earnings are put to work efficiently.

Consistent Returns

ECHO’s yield mechanism provides a potential avenue for generating income in both bear and bull markets. During market downturns, there is usually a consistent level of trading activity as investors seek to mitigate losses or short-sell assets.

ECHO can continue to earn a portion of these trading fees daily, providing a stable income stream. Bull markets often witness a surge in trading activity as more people enter the market to capitalise on rising prices. ECHO can benefit from this increased volume, earning more substantial yields for token holders.

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