Pre-sale now live, Jul 2024, book a meeting today!
Pre-sale now live, Jul 2024, book a meeting today!
Pre-sale now live, Jul 2024, book a meeting today!
ECHO is a real yield exchange token on the Ethereum network with governance capabilities, token utility and buyback and burn

Why Choose ECHO Token

Sustainable APR

Volume Driven Real Yield Payments

In the cryptocurrency ecosystem real yield is a share of the platform or protocol revenue that is distributed to token holders. These yields are often paid in stablecoin as opposed to native tokens.

50% of exchange fees generated are distributed daily to ECHO token holders proportional to total staked amount. ECHO staking does not require time locks; only that the token is held on the platform. APR is paid in stablecoin to prevent inflationary native token supply or unsustainable yields from native token reserves.

Low Market Capitilisation

Unlimited Growth Potential

ECHO Token is currently considered a low market capitalisation token with a small circulating supply and long timed release. The circulating supply at launch will be 70M ECHO Token or $2.1m market cap (fully diluted $30m) with a 5 year runway to becoming fully diluted. Investors who are looking for

high return on investment opportunities should seriously consider investing in companies with low market cap. This is because companies with low market cap have greater growth potential compared to their bigger counterparts.


Volume Driven Burn Mechanism

ECHO Tokens are burned in proportion to the volume traded on Echo Exchange with a volume driven burn mechanism. 10% of all fees generated by the exchange will be used to buy ECHO Token and burn it to a maximum of 50% total supply. This means that when trading volumes are high, more tokens are burned and vice versa.

Unlock Tools

Exclusive utility and discounts

ECHO Token is the key which unlocks the full power of the Echo platform. ECHO Token utility unlocks exclusive features and tools. Over time additional ECHO Token features will become available alongside product releases. ECHO Token utility will become increasingly powerful as the Echo ecosystem expands. This will include fee reductions, discounts, governance and more.

  • Institutional Grade Wallet Security & Structuring
  • Isle of Man Government Supported and FSA Reporting
  • Fiat Bridging and Deep Trading Liquidity
  • KYC/KYT AML Due Diligence

Institutional Grade Wallet Security & Structuring

Institutional Grade Wallet Security & Structuring

Echo is part of the Fireblocks network

Fireblocks provides institutional grade cryptocurrency wallet structuring that is built on Multi-Party Computation (MPC) and Hardware Wallet Connectivity (HWC). This enables seamless, secure, and compliant storage of digital assets for the Echo platform.

“Our MPC wallets are designed to ensure maximum security for digital assets, with a solution that divides the encryption and decryption process into multiple parts. This ensures that no single entity or actor can have access to the entirety of any account's private keys. We also have HWC structuring, which allows us to keep portions of the exchanges digital assets in physical hardware wallets for extra security (cold storage).”

In addition to providing secure storage solutions, Fireblocks also offers tools that simplify onboarding processes and compliance operations across multiple entities. For example, their Compliance Automation Suite helps us quickly establish KYC/AML processes while managing risk associated with customer onboarding operations. Their Settlement Automation Suite allows us to manage our financial reconciliation processes more efficiently by streamlining the process of intercompany payments across multiple currencies and jurisdictions.

Fireblocks are committed to offering institutional-grade cryptocurrency storage solutions that enhance security, reduce costs, and streamline compliance operations for large funds and enterprises alike.

Isle of Man Government Supported and FSA Regulated

A Designated Business for Convertible Virtual Currency activity under the Isle of Man FSA

Echo is partnered with the Isle of Man Government.

The Echo project is seeking to be a flagship blockchain/fintech platform on the Isle of Man.

"The Isle of Man’s regulatory position has always been one that is tech agnostic, where it is the activity that is judged for regulation, not the underlying technology. This provides businesses with the degree of clarity and certainty they seek as they test and establish the technology and digital assets into their operations."

The Isle of Man has positioned itself at the forefront of establishing and adopting regulatory frameworks around nascent disruptive business sectors and blockchain. Using flexible licensing arrangements and conditions where possible, more commonly described as a Sandbox, the Isle of Man allows blockchain based and/or digital asset based businesses to explore opportunities and adapt as the technology evolves.

Echo FSA Register

Digital Isle of Man

Fiat Bridging and Deep Trading Liquidity

Fiat Bridging and Deep Trading Liquidity

Echo is partnered with Openpayd and Blockfills

Echo strategically utilises OpenPayd's fiat bridging expertise and BlockFills' deep liquidity to redefine digital finance and cryptocurrency trading with a laser focus on security.

OpenPayd's fiat bridging tools act as Echo's secure gateway, ensuring that users and businesses can seamlessly transition from traditional fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies without compromising their financial safety. This commitment to security fosters trust among newcomers, making Echo a secure and accessible entry point into the crypto world.

BlockFills' contribution of deep liquidity further fortifies Echo's security measures. Deep liquidity minimises the risk of market manipulation and ensures price stability, safeguarding users against sudden, adverse market movements. Echo's clients can rely on this security blanket, knowing their assets are protected while participating in crypto markets.

Echo's fusion of OpenPayd's fiat bridging and BlockFills' deep liquidity not only drives the growth of digital finance but also underpins the platform's unwavering commitment to security.

KYC/KYT AML Due Diligence

KYC/KYT AML Due Diligence

Echo uses Chainalysis and Jumio.

Echo harnesses the formidable capabilities of Chainalysis for KYT (Know Your Transaction) and Jumio for KYC (Know Your Customer). These two services function as cornerstones of Echo’s customer due diligence and onboarding processes, reinforcing its commitment to security and regulatory compliance.

Chainalysis offers real-time transaction monitoring within Echo, enabling the platform to track and scrutinise cryptocurrency transactions as they occur. This dynamic tool empowers Echo to swiftly identify suspicious activities and potential risks, ensuring adherence to stringent regulatory standards and preempting illicit financial actions like money laundering and fraud.

Jumio seamlessly integrates into Echo's onboarding procedure, employing cutting-edge identity verification technology. Through document scanning and facial recognition, Jumio accelerates the verification of customer identities, bolstering security and thwarting identity theft. This streamlined approach not only enhances user security but also expedites the onboarding experience, delivering a frictionless process for customers.

The amalgamation of Chainalysis and Jumio within Echo's framework creates a robust and comprehensive system for customer due diligence and onboarding. This synergy equips Echo to verify customer identities swiftly, while simultaneously monitoring transactions in real-time, ensuring both regulatory compliance and the prevention of financial wrongdoing. In the digital landscape, where security and compliance are paramount, Echo stands as a secure gateway for users and businesses alike.


Community Foundation
Cliff: 6 Months
Vesting: 2% pcm
Cliff: 12 Months
Vesting: 3% pcm
Cliff: 6 Months
Vesting: 2% pcm
Cliff: 0
Vesting: 0
Cliff: 3 Months
Vesting: 11.1% pcm
Cliff: 0
Vesting: 0
Cliff: 6 Months
Vesting: 8.3% pcm
Cliff: 0
Vesting: 0

* Cliff - Holding period prior to token release starting.

* Vesting - Percentage of tokens released per month after cliff.

* Total Supply - 1B total supply, 70m initial supply.

Yield Calculator

Our yield calculator will help you calculate the current yield and yield to maturity for ECHO Token.

ECHO Token Owned
Min: 0, Max: 850,000,000
0% 100%
The value of ECHO when you purchase
0.01 0.3
Comparison Exchange
Updated: 14th Mar
Daily trading volume to compare with
Daily Trading Volume:409,909,733
Expected Token Yield
Token Yield you believe the community will expect in order to buy/hold ECHO
Yearly Yield
(100 / (TokensOwned * BuyinPrice)) * YearlyReturnUsd

Estimated Token Price

Considering the selected Exchange Volume, this is the Estimated ECHO token price that aligns with your expected Token Yield

Daily Return USD

DailyFees * (PercentOfStakedOwned / 100)

Yearly Return USD

DailyReturnUsd * 365


Phase 1

Launch Phase

  • CEX
  • ECHO Token ICO
  • ECHO Token IEO
  • Trading Bots
Phase 2

Cryptocurrency Phase

  • Social Trading
  • Tokenised Trust Structure Wallets
  • VISA Cards
  • Crypto Fund Tokens
  • Launchpad
  • Foundation Governance
Phase 3

RWA Phase

  • Echo Real World Asset (RWA) Brokerage
  • Tokenised Securities
  • Echo Passive Mutual
  • Tokenised Private Companies
  • Commodities
  • REITS & Property

Our Partners

Echo Core Team

Steve Billinghurst


Oben Partner. Former Partner for PWC and Deloitte.

Specialising in Regulatory Environments and Fintech.

Eric Hollreiser

Marketing & PR

Former Consumer Marketing Director for Microsoft, Disney and Pokerstars.

Specialising in Marketing for Disruptive Brands.

Phil Games


CEO of Simcocks Legal Advocates.

Specialising in Creating Bespoke Off-Shore and Multi-Jurisdictional Structures.

Sam Dorrer
Chief Executive Officer
Dustin Cornwell
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer